Bridal Makeup In Patna

We know that the process becomes interesting when makeup is done like art. Bridal makeup is getting more popular day by day in Patna because of its benefits and its artistic working style. It enhance your natural looks and features When all process were done by a professional bridal makeup artist.

There are many types of bridal makeup are available in Patna. Such as HD makeup, which is getting more popular day by day. Cause of getting popular of it because, after applying, it enhances your looks with natural beauty. It gives you a natural feeling. because of this feature, it becomes popular in the market.

We have to know that in the makeup world all females around the globe have different types of preferences. If it was heavy bridal makeup or everyday makeup. It always depends on the women’s choices and preferences. You know that in the wide variety of markets there are several options available for the best bridal makeup done in Patna. But, we have to know what we want and which gives us the best and most natural results.

We have to know that perfect makeup never comes from only the product. We have to use many different cosmetic products and mix them artistically to get the finest results. If you want glassy and shiny skin then you have always keep in mind that it always happens from the right technique and using the best bridal makeup products.

Are you interested to get perfect bridal makeup to look like many actresses? Not able to get your dream true? Not have makeup skills like professionals?

Don’t panic! We are here to convert your look into a professional actress. Yes, madam, this becomes true, you have to just bring your hair to us and just see what happens from normal to professional. We provide many types of makeup, some of them are air makeup, mineral makeup, natural look, etc.

You have to just choose the type of makeup, which you want, and just relax for the best enthusiastic results. First of all, we give your skin with pre-bridal packages which make your skin become ready for makeup. You can choose your desired sitting sessions according to your best comfort.

We provide you with a wide Variety of pre-bridal packages like facial, de-tan, mani-pedi, and many more. You can select any of the packages that best fit your requirement. Our professional team also helps you by suggesting the best packages according to your skin and also depending on the event type. The main reason for applying pre-bridal packages is because they make your skin smooth and texture which helps to make it easy to apply makeup. Our whole team is professional and also follows the covid protocols and rules according to the government. All tools are properly sanitized and fully free from any type of infection, we always care for our customers and maintain our quality.

We use premium quality products and tools which give the best service to our customers. We also provide all types of massage like full body massage, head massage, face massage, and many more which helps to maintain the energy level of your body because it provides relief from stress.

All types of makeup give you the best results and give the looks natural if done by professionals. Read all articles further which gives you the Idea for choosing the best bridal makeup for your wedding and any type of occasion.

About D’Elixir Unisex Salon & Spa Of Best Bridal Makeup In Patna

Hi Guys, We always want and always stand for you to make your big day absolutely special and we always want a beautiful big smile on your face while doing it. We provide various types of services & packages according to your needs, or we are always ready to work according to your own customize types and works, which you want to apply.

You know that wedding comes only one time in our whole lifetime. So, we have to make it unique and the best occasion of our life, Give a chance to D’Elixir Unisex Salon & Spa Bridal makeup artists to give that special look that will stay in your memories forever. Our best bridal makeup artists can help all brides with a natural look in Patna.

A bride always wants to appear like the most stunning side of her whole past life.
D’Elixir Unisex Salon & Spa in the center of Patna has created its own popularity in the market with the best quality services given to our clients. We always give you the best satisfactory services in Patna, this is the promise to you from us.

We are a highly consummate unisex salon & spa. We provide the best bridal makeup artist for brides in Patna for over 23 years. So, we are skilled and experienced professionals for bridal makeup. We use HD & Airbrush Makeup for our brides. In the past 23 years, 1000+ brides have enjoyed our services and given us excellent feedback to us. We always use branded and Genuine Products which are the best in the market. Because of our excellent and professional service, we have maintained Our ratings as high as 4.9 for the past 23 years and we hope it will be regular in the future.

We provide Bridal Makeup, Engagement Makeup, Party Makeup, Bollywood Makeup, Reception Makeup. We excel in every field of Makeup. We also do Outdoor Services for Makeup.

Types Of Best Bridal Makeup In Patna

HD Makeup

Definition or HD makeup are mainly used to perform on the big screen. The cameras easily capture fine lines and creases on the face. Layers of makeup can form these creases. Therefore HD makeup is a technique that hides fine lines and does not form any creases. The best part about this type of makeup is that it does not feel heavy or cakey. It also makes you look exceptionally natural both in real life and reel life. HD makeup keeps your skin looking fresh and luminous for hours.

This type of makeup is best if you want light makeup. It removes blemishes without making your face look blurry, giving you a standard finish. This makeup type is perfect for brides. It allows them to get photographed all day without smudging their makeup. We provide Best HD Bridal makeup to our clients in patna.

HD makeup is applied using traditional makeup techniques but involves the use of HD makeup products that are specifically designed to take in how makeup is photographed in front of HD cameras and studio lights. So for all the brides out there who like their photos to be ‘perfect’, HD makeup can be a great option! This look can be the best option for all those who love flawless skin but are struggling to achieve it. This makeup gives you a perfect look without any marks and blemishes. Moreover, this high-definition makeup gives a look that diffuses light from the face and leaves your skin glowing forever. The best part is that your face will look natural, as HD makeup goes on lighter and gives a very dewy look, which equals youthful skin. Another cool aspect is that these makeup products contain moisturizing agents, unlike airbrushing makeup which makes the skin dry, HD makeup makes it soft and helps to moisturize the deep cracks in the skin. This way when HD makeup is applied the skin looks even more radiant.

HD Makeup Was Camera’s Best Friend

HD cameras capture everything, So if your foundation is too heavy, or your powder is too light, then it will appear in cameras which is not a good idea. HD makeup is created using products that contain silica, mica, or quartz to brighten the skin, giving it a skin-like glow. All of these products are tested in front of lights to see if there’s a flashback or if it looks too flashy, and then designed to make sure the camera doesn’t deceive you.

A Wide Range Of Products

HD Makeup offers you a wide range of products to choose from. A huge range of brands offer HD makeup products, be it Makeup For Ever, MAC, or even NYX. Since HD makeup can be done with such a wide range of items, brides have so many options to choose from, allowing the makeup artist to customize the products for use according to the bride’s skin type and skin tone. We do bridal makeup with high quality and branded products in Patna.

Highlight Structure

Another key point of HD makeup is how the products highlight the structure of the face. Everyone has a different wish and a pre-defined look as to how they want to look on your special day. A structured face highlights the best features, and no other makeup look does it better than HD makeup.

HD Makeup Is Not Waterproof

The first drawback is that HD makeup is not waterproof. This is a big problem with makeup looks. And imagine that this might be an issue on your special day, like- if your wedding day is during the daytime in the summer season, you might want to avoid HD makeup.

Not So Suitable For Oily Skin

Next in the list of HD makeup is a very essential point which you cannot ignore while planning to do HD makeup. Yes, we are talking about your skin type, which plays a very important role in the selection of bridal makeup. And when you are planning to go for this particular makeup style, we warn you that it is not suitable for women with oily skin, as makeup products contain a lot of oil extracts.

Airbrush Makeup

The Airbrush technique has recently gained popularity in the cosmetic world. As the name suggests, this makeup uses an airbrush instead of traditional makeup tools. The airbrush makeup builds a layer of makeup on your skin. It gives a soft, smooth finish to give you a flawless and radiant look. On humid days though, it may feel slightly heavy. The best perk of airbrush makeup is that it lasts for hours.

This type of makeup requires different brushes for its application. It covers blemishes, dark spots, or complexion differences. It gives you a naturally radiant look without forming any creases.

Airbrush makeup involves a different method of application. This is done using airbrush heads that spray small dots of liquid makeup products onto the skin. Contrary to popular belief, this is not a new way of application. This is the only one that common people don’t use very often. This is a different method mainly because you need to buy a separate tool for it and the filling to use with it. If you want Airbrush Bridal Makeup then visit our branch which is situated in Patna.

These liquid products are not like your normal liquid makeup. They are specially formulated to be used inside airbrush machines. Makeup artists also have to learn how to use these machines, as this is a technique for how much spraying you should be doing. Therefore, airbrushing requires a steady hand, experience, and expensive tools. That’s why it’s expensive, and not because the results are necessarily better.

Formula Options

Understanding these formulas can help you choose what might be best for your wedding day makeup.

Water-Based: This formula is great for oily skin as it has a matte appearance but it can be drying and sometimes “crack” or not be durable.

Silicon-Based: It is great for dry skin and gives a real look to your makeup. Plus it’s long-lasting, lasts with your skin, great for humid weather conditions.

Alcohol-Based: It is commonly used to cover up tattoos or birthmarks, special effects, or body paintings.

In simple words, airbrush makeup is lightweight makeup that is applied using an airgun. The chamber of this airgun is filled with a special kind of liquid foundation, which is sprayed on the face. When the trigger is pressed, a mist of foundation envelops the skin and provides a flawless finish. This technique is used to apply blush, eyeshadow, lip color, and even fill in the eyebrows. If used correctly with complete control over an airbrush gun, this technique can give a flawless finish. Otherwise, it may look very heavy and artificial. A major advantage of this technique is that it remains intact for a long time, around 12 to 24 hours.

What Should Be To Take Care

Because the airbrush is sprayed slowly over the face, it appears lighter than traditional makeup. But if your makeup artist has a tendency to apply heavy foundation then it will be too heavy with the airbrush technique. Tell your MUA your choice.

Another thing you should know is that airbrush makeup products contain silicone which clogs pores and fine lines. Airbrush makeup does not cover the blemishes completely and sometimes the blemishes are visible behind the makeup. A professional is required to manually fix the defect. These products are hypoallergenic, which means they work great for sensitive skin types.

No Touch Up Rule

As in this makeup variant, the makeup you apply is not mixed much, that’s why it becomes very difficult to add some touch-ups. Most importantly, if you try to touch up some parts in airbrush makeup the whole face will turn into a cakey face.

Flaky Effect

This type of makeup is for all the brides-to-be with naturally oily skin. But ladies with dry skin face a lot of problems as this makeup style tends to become super flaky with airbrushing. Because in this the consistency of makeup products is not so creamy, that is, if you do not find creamy products, then girls with dry skin should not use it.

Re-Blending Is Very Difficult

As mentioned above, the makeup products in the airbrush technology are not so creamy inconsistent. So after a while, it becomes very difficult to blend the makeup. It has to be worked on because when it is applied or the makeup dries up and blending and blending again becomes a difficult task.


Airbrush makeup for brides is usually a little more expensive than all other traditional makeup styles. This is because of the silicone-based makeup products that are sprayed on the face which are usually very expensive and so is the airbrush which is one of the most important tools. And it should not be forgotten that airbrushing is usually done by professionals who have years of experience, so the service also costs a lot of money. If you are excited to get airbrush bridal makeup, then visit our branch in patna.

Matte Makeup Look

Matte products are dominated by makeup these days.  What is matte and how to use it, know from us.

If you aspire to have an all-time fresh and sophisticated makeup look, then you can make Matte’s makeup products your first choice.  It has many such qualities as a long-lasting, fresh look, and natural shades, which make it better than other makeup products.

Matte Makeup Products

Matte’s makeup products are oil-free and powder-based.  They do not look oily like Creamy, Glossy, Shiny, Shimmery Cosmetics, and neither do they have a Gaudy effect.  The texture of these is very soft and smooth.  Applying them makes the face look fresh.

Matte’s Different Makeup Products

Mattes aren’t limited to cosmetic lipsticks or eyeliners. Matte foundation, primer, matte finish powder, eyeliner, eyeshadow, mascara, lipstick, lip liner, blusher, nail polish, etc. are also available in the market in matte finish look, which can enhance your beauty in minutes.

Clove Lasting: Since matte cosmetics are powder-based, they neither fade nor spread quickly.  They tend to set quickly and stay on for a long time after applying, while creamy and glossy cosmetics tend to get off the face very quickly.

Fresh Look: Unlike other cosmetics, matte cosmetics do not contain mineral oil and petroleum gel, so like other makeup products, their shade neither fades nor does the face look discolored within a few hours.  It always looks fresh.

Young Effect: Matte Cosmetic has a very smooth texture.  Applying a matte cosmetic on the face easily hides fine lines and wrinkles that appear near the eyes and around the lips, while a glossy cosmetic makes wrinkles appear.

Velvet finish: Shiny or shimmery textures give a gaudy effect to a cosmetic face, but a matte velvety finish texture gives a soft look to the face, which makes the face look quite attractive.

Lightweight: Being non-oily and having zero shimmers, matte makeup products are lighter weight than other cosmetics.  Applying them does not feel heaviness on the skin, while the shimmery cosmetic gives a heavy feel.

Natural Shades: While creamy shade makeup products look a bit duller than natural shade due to oil, the matte cosmetic shade gets darker due to being powder-based.  As a result, it looks completely natural.

Nonsticky: Matte’s makeup products are not sticky at all.  They tend to dry out shortly after application and won’t come off until they are rubbed off, whereas glossy and creamy cosmetics look sticky from afar.

No Touchup: Touchups are needed when the makeup becomes lighter over time, but once you apply matte makeup on your face, you can be tension free for several hours, as they do not come off quickly.

Easy to Apply: Another specialty of matte cosmetics is that you can apply it yourself sitting at home by keeping some things in mind.  You do not need to take the help of any makeup expert.

Four all season: According to the makeup artist, cream-based makeup products should be applied in winter.  In the summer season, you can apply water-based, but powder-based matte cosmetics in every season.

High Definition: Strongly highlights matte cosmetic facial features like, if you have thin lips then matte lipstick can give a fuller look to your lips.  If you have small eyes, then matte eyeliner and eyeshadow can give them an attractive look.

Selfie Expert: The photo in makeup also looks beautiful when the texture of the makeup is right.  Gracie and Shiny’s make-up gives an oily effect to the face, which is clearly visible in the photo as well, but Matte’s makeup products look very attractive in the photo too.

Ideal For Every Skin Type

Matte cosmetic products suit normal, dry, and oily skin types as well, but if we talk about oily skin, then it is no less than a boon for oily skin.  While glossy and creamy cosmetics don’t suit oily skin and tend to spread all over, matte makeup products, due to their oil absorbers, tend to absorb the extra oils from oily skin, allowing the makeup to fade away.  The base sets well and lasts for a long time.

Mineral Makeup Look

To add beauty to their beauty, women have always been addicted to makeup.  She has also wanted her makeup to support her for a long time.  Mineral makeup, which was recently launched in the market, is one such makeup, which also lasts for a long time and is also safe.  Anita Sharma is telling about this makeup

Today women have come out of the four walls of the house and become career women.  With this, their cosmetics have also become modern.  Kajal, which enhances the beauty of the eyes, has become waterproof from a small box today.  With the aim of enhancing the beauty of women and keeping the makeup for a long time, new products related to mineral makeup have been launched in the market.

What is mineral makeup after all?

In ancient times, women and queens used to make cosmetics from the powder of precious stones and other substances like iron elements, zinc oxide, etc.  Along the same lines, even today powders, creams, foundations, eyeshadows, mascaras, etc. are made from precious stones and minerals.  These beauty products are kept in the list of mineral makeup products.  This makeup lasts for a long time and there is no fear of layering on the skin.

Do We Have To Use Or Not

Often women with sensitive skin stay away from makeup due to problems like nail acne, infection, and both.  Normal makeup adds to such problems, but mineral makeup is the product to eliminate your fear, as it takes natural care of your sensitive skin.  This is the reason that its use does not cause the problem of nail acne.  So you can use it without any worries.

Why We Have To Use

According to beauty expert Bharti Taneja, mineral makeup gives a natural look instead of making the face look fake and covered up.  Vitamins and anti-oxidants are found in plenty in the cream made from mineral elements.  Mineral makeup acts as a good natural cleanser, which does not clog the pores of the skin.  Mineral makeups are waterproof and sweatproof for good makeup.  That is, both the enemies of makeup, water and sweat are neutral on it.

Get A Glow Like This

To do mineral makeup, first, make a base with a mineral foundation and then apply powder. Now wait for some time and allow your base to get absorbed into the skin.

When applying powder, stroke it down instead of up, so that the excess makeup gets blown off.  Keep in mind that to give a mineral look to the face, mix it with moisturizer and apply.  It gives a transparent glow after complete makeup.  Every woman wants makeup to hide her age as well.  The good thing is that mineral makeup not only protects the skin from the effects of the weather but also reduces the effects of aging.

How Safe Is Mineral Makeup

 1. Mineral foundation is very light.  There is no need to apply many layers of it.

 2. Mineral foundation contains vitamins A and E, which are safe and good for the skin.

 3. Due to the fineness and high mineral content, they are extremely soft, so they can be used without fear even on sensitive skin.

 4. The use of mineral makeup products does not clog the pores of the skin.  Nail acne can be avoided with these.

 5. Particles of the natural mixture of titanium dioxide and zinc oxide in mineral makeup products also protect the skin from the sun’s rays, which damage the skin.

 6. Zinc Oxide, available in mineral makeup, provides protection against UVA and UVB rays of the sun.

 7. Mineral makeup products do not contain any chemicals or dyes so that they do not harm the skin.

 8. Mineral makeup is waterproof and sweatproof and has a very smooth finish.

 9. Due to the natural sunscreen present in it, you get a natural and perfect look for a long time.


In this article, we give you all details of bridal makeup and its type in Patna. If you want any of these services in Patna then visit any of our branches. All bridal makeup has its own features and benefits. So, never compare it, just give your requirement and leave it for us and I will give you surety that you will get the best result from us. Thanks for reading this article, we hope it will give you some knowledge and help you it this.


What is the best price for bridal makeup?

The price of Bridal makeup cost will vary according to the quality and type of makeup you want. Its price varies between Rs. 10,000/- to Rs. 40,000/- in Patna. We are D’Elixir Unisex Salon & Spa, We are well-known brand professionals for bridal makeup in Patna.

Which makeup is best for bridal?

Firstly you have to know the types of bridal makeup available in the market before selecting any of them, HD Makeup gives you a perfect look on camera and screen. Hence, as a bride, So, HD Makeup will be the best for getting contact shine on the camera and screen. All makeups are different and have their own benefits, Airbrush makeup is mainly used for oily skin but, HD Makeup is appropriate for all skin types.

Does bridal makeup include hair?

Yes, Bridal makeup packages mostly depend on hair more than others. Hair was more visible than other parts of our body and it directly matters to your looks. So, in bridal makeup packages, it mostly includes hair.

What is HD Bridal Makeup?

Definition or HD makeup are mainly used to perform on the big screen. The cameras easily capture fine lines and creases on the face. Layers of makeup can form these creases. Therefore HD makeup is a technique that hides fine lines and does not form any creases. The best part about this type of makeup is that it does not feel heavy or cakey. It also makes you look exceptionally natural both in real life and reel life. HD makeup keeps your skin looking fresh and luminous for hours.

Why is bridal makeup expensive?

However, there are some specific and much more expensive products that need to be used for the preparation of bridal makeup in order to make it more resistant, long-lasting, and with the necessary photogenic finish for the occasion, which makes this makeup even more expensive.

How long does Indian bridal makeup take?

Typically it takes around a minimum of 3 to 4 hours and it will be observed by a bridal makeup artist.

Which makeup is best?

All makeup are best like, Definition or HD makeup is mainly used to perform on the big screen. The cameras easily capture fine lines and creases on the face. Layers of makeup can form these creases. Therefore HD makeup is a technique that hides fine lines and does not form any creases. The best part about this type of makeup is that it does not feel heavy or cakey. It also makes you look exceptionally natural both in real life and reel life. HD makeup keeps your skin looking fresh and luminous for hours.