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List Of Spa(Massage) Services

HEAD SPA(Massage)

Relax with our best Head Spa (massage) in Patna and let the tension and aches go away in a gentle way by our deeply comfortable head massages. You can pick any type of head massage from us with coconut or olive oil. You will also take traditional Indian champi massages using olive & coconut oils. Leave your head to us with your tension & aches.

Pedicure (Foot Massage)

The pedicure or foot spa options we offer include the traditional pedicure, moisturizing pedicure, anti-oxidant pedicure, brightening pedicure, and de-tanning pedicure. These special services leave your feet silky soft and smooth with best pedicure in patna.


Reduce tension in your body with one of our therapeutic body massages in Patna. No matter whether it’s Deep Tissue or body massage, a therapeutic massage, an Aroma Relax, a de-stress, or massage with olive and coconut oil; these treatments will increase circulation, balance your energy, and allow you to reconnect to your own inner self.


We’ve created a range of treatments lasting just twenty minutes to fit a variety of skin types and, therefore, no matter what you’re looking for, you’ll find the perfect fitting. The oily skin type will benefit from the oily skin treatment and mature skin will benefit by using dry skin treatment, and the skin spa treatment is an excellent choice for all types of skin. The face masks we offer make your skin smooth and clean in Patna give you your “me-time” to leave with a fresh and healthy appearance. Make time for your reflections. We hope that we will be able to make your day fabulous.


Treat your skin to one of our exquisite body polishes, and you’ll be left with glowing and smooth skin after getting body polish with us in Patna. It doesn’t matter if it’s your neck, knees, elbows, behind, legs, or a complete body treatment paired with an exfoliation pack Our friendly staff is ready to assist you in achieving that gorgeous shine with D’Elixir.


Our treatments for de-tanning go beyond your imagination. With our range of top-to-toe treatments, we’re able to help repair the damage caused by sun exposure. From your upper lip your neck and face, all the way to your de-tanning process. Simply back down to your legs our treatments will help you bring back a youthful glow to your skin across your entire body, ensuring that you’re always feeling comfortable within your skin with D’Elixir unisex salon and spa in Patna.

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